Projections by JP

In addition to producing live dance performances, JPDG houses Projections by JP, interactive media art created by Julie Petrusak. These virtual creations are presented both as interactive art installations and as supporting visuals for films and live performances.

City Girls and Desperadoes


© Marina McClure Photography

photo by Marina McClure


A Play by Pamela Enz; Directed by Marina McClure, Score by Elliott Randall; Featuring: Austin Pendelton, Julie Atlas Muz, Meg MacCary, Maria Fontanals, Vania Mendez, George Olseky. Presented by Theater for the New City.

Original Video Projection Design and Animations by JP, Nominated for the Innovative Design Award for the 2018 Innovative Theater Awards 


Photobooth offers the fun and spontaneity of the group photo but removes the curtained privacy of the traditional photo booth. The result is an instantly shared-photo experience to be enjoyed by everyone at the party.

“Such a Pretty Girl…Behave Yourself!”

Such a Pretty Girl..Behave Yourself! (2006) is a sculpture and performance piece by Eve Larouche- Joubert.

By manipulating live capture video of the 2017 revival of the work, I create a live “blueprint” inspired by Larouche-Joubert’s original blueprint for the sculpture. The “Blue Print” was projected within the performance space during and after the show.


Animated watercolors by Julie Petrusak; Performer: Erke Roosen


Choreography: Julie Petrusak, Performer: Erke Roosen, Presented by: Collabfest, Triskelion Arts Center 2017

Oulu Dance Hack 2017


As a participant in the Oulu Dance Hack 2017 in Oulu Finland, , I worked with infrared motion-tracking technology and Isadora to create a new dance-technology performance. In this work, the technology tracked the dancers’ movements, allowing a dancer to paint a projected landscape on the floor with her movement. Other dancers performed on the digital landscape until a last dancer used movement to erase the scene.

BAD REP Interviews  Clayton Patterson

Photographer Clayton Patterson is most known for documenting the Tompkins Square Park Police Riot of 1988. During this interview with Bad Rep Multimedia, Clayton recalled his night at the 1988 police riots and his arrest for refusing to turn his footage over to police, and weighed in on the multi-decade issue of police brutality in our country. For this interview I created video collages of Clayton’s images from the riots and of life during 1980’s New York City.  These collages were live projected during relevant questions in the interview creating a interplay between visuals and conversation. The collages were later projected as moving galleries for an event that honored Clayton Patterson and his prolific body of work.

Dancing With Myself

dancing with myself captured sample

This system of video projection captures and abstracts live feed video of your guests on the dance floor to create vibrant, moving visuals that adds life and ambiance to your event.